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well i've been feeling lucky

oh well maybe that's just me

amanda nicole
1 February 1988
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animation, autumn, ben arthur, ben folds, ben harper, blankets, boys with scarves, breakfast, brunch, caffiene, cake, cameras, cartoons, catch phrases, chapstick, character design, cheesecake, chocolate, chris sanders, cold weather, colours, comics, comments, complaining, cookies, copier machines, cows, cupcakes, curls, dave mathews band, design, digital monsters, disney, drawing, dreams, dry-erase boards, elevators, emoticons, erasers, fashion design, flipflops, food, friends, fruits, fuzzy socks, gal pals, gavin degraw, ghosts, guitarists, guys, hair, hand sanitizer, harry potter, hats, hats with animal ears, headphones, holes in pants, hugs, illustration, jack johnson, jason mraz, jet, john mayer, kara's flowers, kisses, knitting, kurt halsey, letters, lipgloss, love, magazines, mail, markers, maroon 5, mashi maro, me, mint chocolate chip icecream, mint green tea, money, moving like a jellyfish, music, ninjas, noodles, nora jones, oekaki, oldschool video games, open canvas sessions, opinions, orbit gum, oreos, orlando bloom, pants, paper, paradise kiss, pasta, patches, peanut butter, pencils, people, photography, picture books, pillows, pirates, pixar, plastic cups, plushies, pocket monsters, pointy things, politics, postcards, potentially dangerous objects, pucca, rain, randomness, ranting, ribbons, rocking out, ryan adams, sand, sanrio, scarves, shag, shiney objects, shopping, sleep, small animals, smells, snogging, stars, stevie wonder, sugar, tape, tare panda, tea, text messages, things with buttons, thumbtacks, thunder storms, totally crushing, umbrellas, underscore, urban outfitters, warm weather, watercolour paper, wearing the pants, webcomics, yarn, you, yumiko kayukawa