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well i've been feeling lucky [entries|friends|calendar]
amanda nicole

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[29 Mar 2011|01:19am]
Hey livejournal,

I'm trying this new thing out, no hard feelings. I can't stand your ads, but I do miss your commenting options. You just couldn't keep up with the times. I might come back if you can change.

For now, let's call it a truce.



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coffee makes my day, breaks my day [12 Jan 2010|11:30pm]

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playtime ocean [06 Apr 2009|11:39am]

as usual, this is my student work, (i'm still learning)
feel free to use for your personal (non commercial) use
nekkid mermaids under cutCollapse )
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[06 Apr 2009|01:01am]

[27 Mar 2009|01:57am]

unfortunately so [22 Mar 2009|06:31pm]

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there's room for you [27 Feb 2009|08:11pm]

finally! my fabric has been knitted!

four more fabrics and two sad drawings under the cut
room for meCollapse )

spring break!
bye friends
chelsea and i are off to nyc!
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there's always someone cooler than you [16 Feb 2009|12:31am]

happy mid february

sketch comic and two doodlesCollapse )

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i felt like i could just fly [12 Feb 2009|10:58am]

image heavy post! yay!

these are part of an assignment for my textile class, they're pixelated because we're working with a knit machine. (every pixel=a stitch.. you get the idea.) i'm really excited that we're knitting next week and i'll post pictures of my fabric if they don't completely suck.

three more patterns and extra doodles under the cut
but nothing happened every time i triedCollapse )
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paper doll party! [03 Feb 2009|12:24am]
yesterday was my twenty-first birthday
and to celebrate and commemorate my life
i quickly drew a paper doll of myself.

you're invitedCollapse )

dear friends near and far,
make paper dolls of yourselves so mine won't be lonely.
that is my only birthday wish.

love, as always,
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[02 Feb 2009|01:08am]
Be good to yourself.
Be good to others.
Be good to yourself.

the world has it's ways, to quiet us down [25 Jan 2009|11:42pm]

"so come and tell me something you've already told me
because everybody's already heard all your stories
i hope that some of them are true
crummy rut doodlesCollapse )
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for the last time you will kiss my lips~ [11 Dec 2008|11:44pm]

now shut up and let me go!Collapse )
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it's not the pale moon that excites me [23 Nov 2008|11:50pm]
[ mood | brrr! ]

i also saw twilight this weekend.
i'm trouble to take to movies
that thrills and delights meCollapse )

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tell me lies and i'll come running [18 Nov 2008|01:31am]
[ mood | heart heavy ]

it's cold, i'm heartsore and i'm cooped up
shitty love fanart it is!

superman and gilmore girls?
i must have lost my mind!Collapse )
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well i can't say [10 Nov 2008|01:53am]
[ mood | undead ]

three! there are three

that i'll love you foreverCollapse )
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please don't confront me with my failures [08 Nov 2008|05:18pm]
[ mood | did nothing today ]

ahhhh what the hell is wrong with me

i had not forgotten them.Collapse )
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meet me in the middle [07 Nov 2008|01:50am]
[ mood | already sleeping ]

i don't want to eat ihop again for a very very long time.

well, come on, let's make up a danceCollapse )
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i just might turn to smoke [05 Nov 2008|09:24pm]
[ mood | not well ]

but i feel fineCollapse )
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i don't want to wake [05 Nov 2008|12:58am]
[ mood | fulfilled ]

before the dream is overCollapse )
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i came here to talk, [31 Oct 2008|02:41am]
[ mood | angsty ]

i think you should knowCollapse )
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i'm gonna love you like nobody's loved you [24 Oct 2008|02:01am]
[ mood | yeeees. ]

two reasons why i'm starting to refer to north carolina as my home state:

Raleigh Obama Signal

come rain or shineCollapse )
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the world is alive now [22 Oct 2008|12:54am]
[ mood | progressive! ]

just in case you were wondering how i've been lately...

in and outside our homeCollapse )
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Chain letter from my Grampa [18 Oct 2008|02:22pm]
[ mood | wth? ]

Subject: Fwd: Re: Fw: WARNING

---------- Forwarded message -----



*URGENT WARNING.**.........*



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though you meet with the darkness in strife [16 Oct 2008|01:10am]
[ mood | cheery! ]

the sunny side you also may view!Collapse )
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IT'S THREE AM [08 Oct 2008|03:10am]
[ mood | : | ]


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was that the best i'll ever be? [06 Oct 2008|06:51pm]
[ mood | flowing ]

this is what i did instead of take a nap today,

you're welcome.Collapse )
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your heart won't heal right [06 Oct 2008|12:10am]
[ mood | keeping faith ]

if you keep tearing out the suturesCollapse )
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i could call you on the phone [21 Sep 2008|09:01pm]
[ mood | projects! ]

and have nothing say!Collapse )
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hard work helps the time go by~ [17 Sep 2008|12:18am]
[ mood | wounded without proper cause ]

the rain really takes a toll on my emotional strength
just kidding, i'm a big baby with authority issuesCollapse )

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