amanda nicole (spazmodic) wrote,
amanda nicole

paper doll party!

yesterday was my twenty-first birthday
and to celebrate and commemorate my life
i quickly drew a paper doll of myself.

accessories include:
-21st birthday flashing tiara, a gift from Chelsea
-banana purse (sans marker and dirt stains)
-moleskine sketchbook with adorning locopops sticker
-fox friend

tomorrow the printers in the design lab will be used for fun and instead of evil.
i will print this baby up on some card stock for 25 cents.
oh the adventures that will ensue...

my plan is to exacto knife it out and then attach the joints with those little pegs you get from craft stores
accessories will be rubber cemented on.
now i want to make expansion packs for my pirate adventures and cheesy themed parties...

dear friends near and far,
make paper dolls of yourselves so mine won't be lonely.
that is my only birthday wish.

love, as always,
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